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Law Offices of Robert T. Vance, Jr. is one of the area’s premier law firms in the areas of discrimination law, civil and human rights litigation, criminal defense and personal injury litigation.


Workers Rights, Discrimination Law and Class Actions

An equitable working environment depends on the existence and application of policies and procedures that ensure fairness in the hiring, promotion, compensation and disciplining of employees.  The attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert T. Vance, Jr. understand this imperative and apply it in combating discrimination in all of its forms.  We have represented workers in individual, multi-plaintiff and class actions who have been the victims of race, sex, age and disability discrimination.  We have obtained multi-million dollar settlements against some of the premier corporations in the country, along with agreements compelling them to rectify their practices.


Civil and Human Rights Litigation

The U.S. Constitution, state constitutions and international law mandate the protection and observance of basic and fundamental civil and human rights.  We understand the key role that lawyers should play in ensuring that governments and corporations respect your basic civil and human rights.  The attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert T. Vance, Jr. have represented victims of police misconduct and wrongful arrest and clients in individual, multi-plaintiff and class actions against governments and corporations who have violated their civil and human rights, and have obtained significant monetary settlements and verdicts.


Personal Injury

For over two decades the lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert T. Vance, Jr. have worked to protect the rights of individuals and groups whose lives have been disrupted or cut short because of personal injury or wrongful death and to obtain fair compensation for them and their families.  We have obtained significant settlements and verdicts for our clients in these cases.



In addition to litigating cases at the trial court level, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert T. Vance, Jr. file briefs and argue cases before state and federal appellate courts.  A number of these cases have resulted in important decisions that have vindicated the rights of individuals and workers.


Commercial and Construction Litigation

We represent businesses in all manner of commercial and construction disputes and issues, ranging from breach of contract and business tort claims to construction accidents involving personal injury.  In addition, we structure, draft and negotiate a broad array of commercial and construction contracts and other documents.



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